Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have a new little journal style mini- comic for sale on my new Etsy page: 

Here's the front cover and page 8 for a sampler.

Backstory: In 2009, I set up a book signing for "You'll Never Know, Book I: A Good & Decent Man" with my Dad at a place near his house - at the Historic Ernie Pyle Boyhood Home & Museum in Dana, Indiana. You know, Ernie Pyle, famous WWII correspondent. I figured we'd sell a million books at the festival, but it turned out to be a real dud. Nobody came. I felt so bad for Dad. Anyway, after he went home, I got out my little index cards and took notes on everything else going (or not going) on from our signing place on Ernie's porch.

If you purchase one of these (limited edition of 20), I will sign, add a little sketch to the back inside cover and mail it to you. Take me up on this deal, because soon enough I'll be back to a big project and won't have time for fun little gigs like this!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Months ago I posted something about how this dog that came up to my house all muddy and starving, in dark old winter, and I took it to the SPCA thinking the owner would claim her. She was ribs-showing scrawny with kennel cough and worms. At the same time, Mom was slipping off the planet and my sister was in a chemo haze. Everything was so sad -- Dad fell and was crabby and I had to tend to everyone. All hell was breaking loose! 

And then this dog came to our porch on January 2nd which is why I call her 2. Spelled Tue. She was my hope forward, toward better days. . . 

Today -- here is the ever-active Tue in full liquid motion mode, which is probably why she ended up on my porch. She's alive and healthy and I love it.

Tue is the one in front. Her pal Saranac is chasing her. They do this for hours. Thanks Peter for the photo

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Need tech banana

It's a problem, my way-overdo-for-an-update website. File this under the category of no time or money to get a nerd to fix. Sorely needed, to say the least. I can barely manage this humble blog!!!

For those checking in about the upcoming Chicago thing, apologies, but don't let my lack of tech savvy keep you from reading my books.

I like this hidden little off-shoot that's hard to locate. This is for those who aren't familiar with my work yet. It's from 2005, by my late pal Bob Callahan.

BTW, I need to get the car painted for my next comix project. Here it is in better days. I may do a Kick starter campaign, which is about what it takes to start this baby.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Thinking Cap

At a loss for ideas? Here's how my Great Grandmother Sophie Tyler solved that problem back in 1910.