Thursday, May 5, 2011

LA fully loaded last hours

 The last best thing was the authentic taco. The dude standing there said it's cause unlike other taco trucks, at this one, they make their own tortillas. MMMMMgood!

Or it was the light, the Saturday sun making all the chrome and glass do that awesome two-tone thing. You know, blue and gold.

Or it was the Korean driver who took me to the airport. Said he's been driving a cab for a year after he lost his life savings with his brother-in-law in a scam of some sort. "How much did you lose, if I might ask? $30? $50 thousand."

"$750,000. But it's OK. I'm happy now. No more sleepless nights."

LAX here looks like a picture I would have drawn of the future with my crayolas.

I had sleepless nights in LA. Both of them. One from anxiety, one because of the red-eye flight back to Cinci. I love sitting up half the night in an 'under construction' space. It's the fluorescent lights that make it so awesome.

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