Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The #1 reason I want at least one of those Eisner noms to turn into a win - my sister Ginia. When I told her about the nominations, she was so uplifted by the news over there at the hospice place. 

You have often seen her depicted in my comics. She came with me to San Diego in 2010. I hope this video loads. She cracked me up. Remember,  she has a PhD in Inter-Religious Studies and heads the Masters Program at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. Studied at Oxford. She’s also a former nun and currently a Sisters of Providence Associate.

The video starts out as Ginia goes out into the Comic Con lobby dressed in her nightgown & swag-bag accessories . . .     Dammit! The video will not load. So for now, this page from You'll Never Know, where she & Mom and I are having a conversation will have to suffice. She's on the upper left corner, her color is green. I'm blue, Mom's orange.

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  1. Hi Ms. Tyler, I've recently amassed a almost complete run of Weirdo and loved your stories in them....I bought vols. 1 & 2 of "You'll Never Know"...but today my copy of "Late Bloomer arrived, I had a flick thru' and it looks absolutely wonderful but I was deeply affected by the dedication...I'm not a father (tho' I have been a caregiver at several different points in my life) but really my potential and hope was crushed and destroyed by a 11-year plus drug problem...I always wanted to do something with art/comics, but it's only in the past five years of recovery that I feel that whatever ability and work ethic I had has 35!!! I seem to be taking producing my comics more seriously every day, even at my worst I always drew but a drug habit is a full-time job! anyway! Thank you for the wonderful dedication and it probably goes without saying: "THANK YOU for the wonderful comics!" I probably have about 20 absolute favourite cartoonists and, yep, you're most certainly one of 'em! So from one late bloomer to the mother of all (cartoonist) late bloomers--cheers (tho' I hear Baudoin was in his mid-late 30's before he started cartooning and one of the old Hearst cartoonists who's name escapes me was a lae bloomer, too....)! Thank you for the gift of hope, Ms. Tyler, I hope life is sweet for you!