Friday, March 6, 2015

Tune in, Beatle Babies!

Hello Folks.  This is to let you know about this project I'm working on for the next 6 months, January 2015 - Sept 2015. 

In August 1965, I saw the Beatles in Chicago and kept a journal of the events in the week leading up to it. So now, 50 years later, I am channelling my inner 13 year-old-girl self and writing and drawing about life in the slow lane leading up to the concert. It is a blog-to-become-a-book project. 

Back then, I was living with my family in Ingleside, Illinois, going to Catholic school and living through a cultural phenomenon. You just have to tune in to my site:

It's trippy, focusing in on this narrow little window of time. I can't believe how much music the Beatles bashed out, and how terrific the whole pop music world was at that time. Prolific era! Half of the American Songbook, it seems. 

And it's weird being 13 again, but at the same time, delightful to be free of the big troubles of life, and completely blind (thankfully) to the travails of the future. Future triumphs, new people, world changes - that can all wait until after Labor Day, 2015, when the blog will be complete. Then it'll become a book.

So for now, turn your dial to Like F4M on FB, and by all means, go listen to the Beatles!

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  1. I enjoyed your "Tomatoes" page in Cincinnati magazine. Sorry it ended.