Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don Donahue

Sad to hear the news about Don Donahue's passing. Prostate cancer stopped him. But in the beginning of the underground comix movement, Don was there to help kick-start the party. That I've come to know.

I wasn't around back then. I met him later, in the 1980s, through my association with San Francisco & the Bay Area comics scene, Weirdo, Ron Turner, Aline and Robert C. I always found him to be soft-spoken and attentive. A really nice guy.

I got to know him more through Dori Seda. And when she passed away, Don was  . . . well I can tell you that it was so very tough on him -- he was so sad. We all were. And here I am this evening back in that same place with sad thoughts of Don & (I can't help it) Dori.

Rest-in-peace, Don Donahue. Thanks for your contributions.

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