Friday, October 29, 2010

Her Chocolate Opera Cake - almost

My sister Ginia is here visiting and October is her birthday month. (My sister often shows up cameo style in my comics.) So I got her one of those exquisite and expensive Chocolate Opera cakes from a local awesome bakery. Made with liquor and worth about 1000 calories from heaven with each bite!

I know this one says Terry. This is not my sister's cake. My camera isn't transferring pictures right, so here is a picture of the cake off the web -- followed by a picture of her from my files of an insanely fun cake I made her a few years ago.You have to put the two together in your mind. Only add one person abstaining from the ice cream, two men ready for generous slices and three dieters wanting 'half that size'. Also, three dogs begging.

Sorry. Hopefully the camera will be working again soon. And I added my daughter's opera cake from May. I guess we like this kind for birthdays around here.

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