Sunday, November 14, 2010


At the San Diego Comic Con, special guests were given a table in Artists Alley. Unfortunately, because I had to be at the other end of the convention hall most of the time, I rarely had time to sit there. But I did scout the perimeter of the enormous facility and found enough blooming things to make a bouquet for the table. Had to pluck by stealth, but truthfully speaking, my crime was committed in plain sight. You see, the fact is, nobody notices a middle-aged woman working over a planter box.
So here is a picture of the delight, a cluster of living California color. Very similar to the varieties in  my garden in Ohio.
I guess I was at the table long enough to cross-hatch the shadow below it on the plastic table covering with Sharpies they provided. This was taken a day later. You can see that the table had moved slightly.

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