Monday, November 8, 2010


Strathmore 500 series Plate has been forever the go-to paper for cartooning. However, lately, I have had so many problems with the finish not acting consistently 'plate' (smooth). What happens is, I spend a bunch of hours with layout and penciling and then when I go to ink it, the paper absorbs too much in places and feathers out the lines.

At first I thought it was a bad batch, but now a new shipment has come in and it's doing it again.


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  1. Been having that problem myself, but it's not like I've been able to have any time to create anything worth a darn lately, what with everything going on with the kids, and my folks dropping in unannounced from Ohio.
    Cool thing is though, my parents brought a whole load of stuff down from my grandparents' house, including a whole pad of kid finish bristol that I must have left up there when I was in school in the early '80's. It hadn't yellowed a BIT.
    Also in the batch was a science-fiction Charlton from 1952, an early issue of "Mystery In Space", with some neat Infantino/Giacoia, and the show-stopper, the last issue of "Incredible Science Fiction". The latter was the last 4-color comic put out by EC, and it has a cover by my hero, Wally Wood, so I'm groovin'. It's also got some Jack Davis that I've never seen before.
    Anyway, short story long, I'll probably use the old Strathmore to draw a mini featuring my daughter Trinity's character, "Sumoella". I might even go ahead and let Trinity lay it out: she's only 10, but she's THAT GOOD.