Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last night the eclipsing moon drama unfolded behind the snowy Cincinnati cloud cover. :( Although the snow was pretty. Gosh this year I feel like I'm living back in snowy Syracuse (Graduate School 1981 - 83). Inspirational for drawing. Many many snows already. A lot of work done. I love it.

Russet moon and eye. At 3 a.m., I discovered a weird blood clot in the corner of my left eye. I think since it happened on Solstice, the simultaneous confluence of all these factors means something. But WHAT????!!!!

Or not. The doctor said while it looked bloody awful, my eye would improve slowly. Medical drawing on the left. I'll spare you an actual picture. 'Ease up on the eye strain,' says he. Hello, Doc. That's whut comics is. So there you have it. Another stupid workplace related consequence of doing a graphic novel. Working so hard my eyeballs are bleeding!

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  1. Eye do sympathize, Carol. Eye was never aware that eye strain could produce such an effect.