Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Stay

As happens sometimes.

My crown had come off the other night while listening to Paul McCartney sing JET on Saturday Night Live. Tell me why this happened, Sir Paul! Was it because of Jet? Out of all the songs in your entire awesome catalog of music, why did you pick that one?

Or was it because, driven by nostalgia, I was chomping popcorn. -- oops! FAIL. Well, I wasn't really chomping. I am careful how I eat crunchy things because of concerns over that iffy crown. This was the third time it's come off and so I was just kind of letting the popcorn melt in my mouth before spitting out the kernels. A goofy way to eat.

I wasn't going to be able to get to the dentist until Tuesday, due to the weekend/snowstorm/arctic blast. I went into full-blown catastrophe thinking about this tooth. What if I loose it completely???!!! What are the alternatives to a crown over a root canal? According to my 24 hour a day friend, the internet: a bridge (won't work because of compromised, neighboring teeth) an implant (way too expensive) and a partial, aka stage one of getting false teeth (think dominoes). All treatment options signaled another affront upon what's left of youth on my face!

It didn't seem fair. I brush & floss twice a day. I don't eat crap (well, I do like cookies and ice cream). In general, I'm a very healthy eater. What is there to all this prevention if I'm just a denture, walkin'.

Finally, I decided I wasn't going to spend 3 days with my mind in such a woeful state. What could I accomplish despite this?

First, I completed 'The X-Mas Tale' for YNK Book III, aiming toward perfection. I might look like a toothless hag, but my work wasn't going to look that way.

Then I worked on my 10,000 thank yous project. My sister and I wanted to show appreciation to our parents on their 67th wedding anniversary. I suggested we string 10,000 cheerios to show just how much. I'm doing 5K, she's doing 5K. Wooh, was a job! Guess how many boxes of cheerios I've gone through? I did this while watching my one TV weakness, Lark Rise to Candleford, a Nineteenth Century British soap opera that I've seen 10,000 times, but it brings great comfort. Wonder how the string theory is going for my sister.

The weather man said Sunday night that the storm was moving out and it would clear up. 'If you look straight up on Monday, you will see quite a meteor shower.' Actually, he began with a call out to 'insomniacs, 3rd shifters, night haulers, musicians after a gig, new parents and anyone else who's up during the night willing to brave the 4 degree temperatures-- you folks have a chance for a real treat.' That was nice, to be personally invited to the party.

So, I was out there at 4 A.M., bundled up in my down coat with a wool babooshka, boots and a blanket, with a hole in my face looking up beyond cold to the JET black sky. Serious brittle, cracking sounds occasionally. Complete awareness of the risk if I were to fall on the ice out here alone. Whatever stopped up my nose earlier has now disappated. Realizing that exactly a year ago, this very night I was in the hospital, recovering from major abdominal surgery, the outcome of which was at that time uncertain. Grateful for a happy ending on that.

He wasn't kidding about the shooting stars -- t'was a sky riot! Need to make a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now. So many wish opportunities. I covered everything, my family, the world, you, me, the tooth. Health, wealth and happiness all around. 10,000 wishes. Wishing for the impossible. Wishing for the good probables to really happen. Wishing more people would buy/read Book II.

Today, my nephew's wife Jenny lent some good advice by email, which gave me hope. Thanks for that.
At the dentist appointment, I wasn't about to project my fear and uncertainty. I let my friend do his job. He was able to reattach the crown, no problem, although instinctively I believe this is my last chance with this tooth. I feel I was given a Stay.

Am resolved to change my chewing habits forever now. And will let Paul's JET, whenever I hear it, serve as my reminder.


  1. Thanks for sharing your missives, Carol. Always a good read. We share much in common: awe of meteor showers and crappy teeth. bern

  2. I've actually lost a molar do to an incompetent dentist who let it rot to hell. Basically it just went untreated for 6 months even though I kept coming in complaining about it.
    They did 3 Root canals, or was it 2... I think most of it was covered by insurance, I got a crown and still, no save. I floss all the time and I never go to bed without brushing. It's unfair that I'm so prone to cavities, but it's how life is.

    I'm currently going through the alternative of getting it fixed- it's rough, it's expensive and it's unfair that I have to suffer the consequences of an idiot DDS. But I guess dwelling on it is no good :)